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What Is Done Every Minute On 7 Social Media Channels & Platform

  • Do you know the number of searches done on Google every minute of the day?
  • Have you come across the figures for videos watched every minute on YouTube?

The activities that go on social media platforms and their likes every minute is mind blowing.

Smart phones and laptops have made interconnectivity and communication to different parts of the world easier.

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For every minute, this is what happens on these seven different social media platforms and channel:

  1. 473,400 Tweets are sent

2. 4,500,000 videos are watched on YouTube

3. 3,788,140 searches are made on Google

4. 12,986,111 text messages are sent

5. 1,111 packages are shipped by Amazon

6. 750,000 songs are streamed on Spotify

7. 49,380 photos are posted on Instagram


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