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Powerful Earthquake Kills 9 Persons In Turkey-Iran Border

  • A powerful earthquake struck on Sunday, February 23 leaving no fewer than nine persons dead in eastern Turkey, which borders Iran
  • The earthquake was 6.0 Magnitude on the scale as it also affected Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Armenia and Azerbaijan

According to, the last “major earthquake hit Eastern Turkey, the province of Van and its district Ercis, on 23rd of October 2011, at 13:41 local time. A magnitude of 7.2 was computed for this earthquake and lasted less than 30 seconds.”

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Information has it that the earthquake occurred in a border town between Iran and Turkey.

Turkey earthquake killed no fewer than nine persons

Three little children were among the nine persons who died as a result of the earthquake in Turkey.

A good number of countries in the middle east do witness earthquake at least twice in five years.

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