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Number Of Interactions Every Minute On Each Of These 10 Social Media Apps

  • The internet is the driving force of everything as far as inter-connectivity and communications are concerned in the present day world
  • Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and a host of other social media platforms have their Apps which are installed on mobile devices

The use of a computer system is still so much important as some people even use these social media Apps on their laptops or desktops.

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According to Domo, it highlighted the number of videos people watch every minute on YouTube, the number of emails being sent every minute as well as for other Apps.

YouTube is owned by Google

Findings in 2019 show what happens every minute of the Day:

  • YouTube: watch 4.5m videos
  • Emails: 188m emails are sent
  • Instagram: post 278K stories
  • Google: 4.5m searches
  • Netflix: stream 694K videos
  • Giphy: serve 4.8m GIFS
  • Twitter: 511K tweets
  • Skype: make 232K calls
  • SMS: sent 18.1m text
  • Uber: take 10K rides


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