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Nigeria Not Among 15 Top Rice Importing Countries In The World, 2018

  • Rice is probably the most consumed food in the world especially in countries like China, United States and Nigeria
  • The government of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari has shut the borders in order to boost local rice production

Since 2018, the amount of foreign exchange spent by the federal government on rice importation has drastically reduced.

For 2019, it is conspicuously evident that the money has reduced further due to border closure.

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The 15 top Rice Importing Countries in for 2018 as brought to you by WTE (money is in dollars)

  • China: 1.6b
  • Iran: 1.21b
  • Saudi Arabia: 1.2b
  • Indonesia: 1b
  • US: 959.5m
  • Benin: 930.5m
  • Philippines: 736.6m
  • Ivory Coast: 688.9m
  • UAE: 682.4m
  • Iraq: 669m
  • France: 522.5m
  • South Africa: 518.8m
  • Japan: 494.5m
  • UK 480m
  • Ghana: 451.9m

According to WTE Nigeria spent $5.4million on rice importation in 2018.

The figure has further reduced in 2019 due to closure of the borders.

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