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Medical Advice On How To Gain Weight

  • Are you underweight and thinking of how to add some kilogrammes to your body frame?
  • A few medical advice and health tips have been put forward on what to do

Not having a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) or having below a normal BMI could predispose someone to ailments like cold.

A medical expert has given some tips on how to add weight in case you are underweight.

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Simple Tips to gain weight as highlighted by @DrOlufunmilayo:

Take more meat, milk, yoghurts,fish and eggs; Also potatoes, yams, brown rice.
Eat more than three times a day.
Use bigger plates and try finish it.
Cook with more sauce & spices.
Try to rest more often.
Avoid stress and physically exhausting stuff.

Eating regularly helps to gain weight
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