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“Kogi Poll Was Not An Election But War Against The People” – Commodore Folusho Daniel rtd

  • The Kogi state governorship election of Saturday, November 16, 2019 will not be forgotten in the political history of Nigeria because it was one of the bloodiest gubernatorial polls ever conducted based on reports from domestic and foreign observers due to the war-like scenes witnessed
  • Media Houses on ground during the election gave different accounts of how unimaginable violence took the centre stage with even some security operatives running for their dear lives

As a popular saying goes, ‘election is not war’ was totally not applicable to the Kogi state governorship election as different eyewitnesses accounts made it known that the poll was ‘real war’.

A retired military man by the name Commodore Folusho Daniel rtd has given his own witness of how the Kogi state governorship election was indeed a reign of terror.

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It should be recalled that many stakeholders have called for an outright cancellation of the Kogi elections.

Presented below is the full account given by the former military man on the Kogi state governorship election:


By Commodore Folusho Daniel rtd.

I have lived over six decades now and I have witnessed many elections but I have never seen this type.

The lives that have been lost will never vote again. Some are nursing permanent physical and emotional injuries that will live with them for the rest of their lives on account of that election. Some are still in detention for no just causes than a desire to express their will in an election that should be free and fair.

My personal experience was not palatable. I was chased and trailed all about and everywhere like common criminal for arrest and detention. For many days I kept sleeping in different locations to evade arrests and detention. My only crime was that I wanted to follow my conscience and my inalienable and constitutional immunity to the free choice of my preferred candidate in the election.

The fact remains that the election has defined us as a people. It has brought to fore the level of man inhumanity to man in pursuit of ambition, greed and power. It has also shown very clearly that inordinate ambition knows no boundary, limits, brother or sister. Kogi Poll has casted thick, dark and ominous clouds on the psyche and conscience of the people. It was not an election but war against the people.

I love the courage and valour of our boys and others who believe in us and followed us to this epic battle. I will never forget as some of you unarmed, undefended, faced and challenged automatic weapons even at the risk of your lives. I later reflected on the whole episode and I saw how much daring risks we took. It was by Devine interventions that some of us were not killed in this election. Some others who were not so lucky are either in the mortuary now or newly burried while the luckier ones are nursing one injury or another. May the souls of those killed in this election rest in peace. But frankly speaking, if we died in that battle, so be it. To God be all the glory that we are still alive today to tell the story.

“Kogi Poll Was Not An Election But War Against The People” – Commodore Folusho Daniel rtd

It may appear that we have lost out in this battle but I urge you all to remain indomitable in your spirit. It may also appear that we are the losers but no, we are not, we only followed our conviction and our conscience. Those of us who faced fire in the battle may be in the minority but we will rather not follow the multitude for evil. We expect and we are already being derided, humiliated, insulted, and abused for the roles we played in the election. But thank God, we remain the few voices speaking and acting at a time it matters most. Indeed, we are the sacrificial lambs. But have this fact, that at whatever cost to our lives and personal comfort, we know that we have fought a good fight. After this very huge and thick darkness over our State comes the light. I appreciate you all even as I regard you as the freedom fighters of our time for the emancipation, will and conscience of the undefended and unprotected majority of our people.

The will of the people has never been suppressed permanently by the barrels of the guns. It is ‘Aluta continua’ though victory may not come soon. Infact, it may not come in my life time. But it will surely come someday. I pray that posterity will absolve us and that history will be fair to us for standing for the truth when it was very easy, convenient and rewarding to do otherwise. We have fought well and we have no regret in the choice we made. And May God Almighty have mercy on our dear State. And May the souls of the fallen compatriots rest in peace. Amen.

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