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Influencer Discusses Health Benefits Of Vaginal Steaming For Women; Twitter Users React

  • Women do have different ways in which they take care of themselves
  • The health and wellbeing of every woman do have a spiral effect on the society at large
  • A Twitter influencer by the name Ezeaka Chidozie Ishola Buharideen (@EzeakaChidozie) has given his views on the benefits of vaginal steaming for women.

Buharideen stated that vaginal steaming helps check diseases like fibroid, womb based trauma, UTI (urinary tract infection) and a series of other diseases in females.

@EzeakaChidozie writes:

“Vaginal steaming is not new. It is a self-healing and self-empowering practice that our ancestors regularly engaged in. They knew that within the elements of nature (fire, water, steam and herbs) was healing.

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“Vaginal steaming is used to address fibroids, heavy periods, cramping, bacterial infections, urinary tract infections, unexplained infertility, PCOS, vaginal dryness, postpartum care, and womb based trauma.

“Vaginal steaming helps Fight UTI and other infections!

“Add Guava leaves in your boiling water. Its help fight infection and add good smell. This is what we call intravaginal administration of herbs.”

Some of the reactions to the tweet on vaginal steaming:

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