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How To Lose Weight Using Guava Leaves

  • Guava leaves are one of the best materials needed to lose weight
  • In a finding which was made known, guava leaves are said to be highly efficacious to remove excess weight from the body

Being overweight or obese is one of the most discomforting things any person can face in life.

In knowing how to lose weight with guava leaves, find the procedure below;

Guava leaves are good for losing weight; ensure to always use young guava leaves.

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To lose weight, boil and drink morning and Night; Prince Adeolu Olaonipekun Adekoya writes.

Guava trees with guava fruits

Other benefits of guava leaves:

  • #Diabetes#
    Guava leaf tea is great for diabetics. The high fibre content slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood. It prevents Type 2 diabetes from developing. The Catechin in guava leaves controls the blood glucose level – It has a hypoglycemic effect in the body.

Guava leaf Potency has been ignore for very long
For Women:
1. Guava leaf helps fight infection, VJ Odour, and keeping down there clean
Just boil it then store it , use it as Vj wash.

For Men
1. Guava leaf boost sperm count, the Fruit also boost sperm count,
Just boil the leaf with slice carrot and drink daily

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