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Check Out 10 Best Countries In The World To Raise Children, United States Is Not Even Among

  • Children need to be given the best upbringing in the right environment as well as in a country with good economic fortunes
  • In 2018, the 10 best countries to raise children were made known

Parents who want a good beginning for their new born babies are always concerned where they want their kids to grow up. It is not out of place to change environment to raise kids.

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A study done revealed the 10 countries parents might consider to raise their kids.

It is interesting to note that world super power and number one global economy, the United States is not even in the top 10 countries due to its high crime rates and lack of gun control measures.

Every kid needs the best upbringing in order to achieve his or her potentials

Best countries to raise children, 2018.

  1. Denmark
  2. Sweden
  3. Norway
  4. Finland
  5. Canada
  6. Netherlands
  7. Switzerland
  8. New Zealand
  9. Australia
  10. Austria

(US News and World Report)

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