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Breaking: Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Contracts Coronavirus Disease

  • Iran’s Deputy health minister by the name Iraj Harirchi has tested positive for coronavirus disease
  • The news broke some hours ago that the middle east country’s health chief is down with COVID-19

Harirchi himself said after it was confirmed that he has coronavirus disease that people should take care of themselves.

Iran is one of the over 26 countries of the world currently battling the viral disease.

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Ian Bremmer informed of coronavirus update in South Korea and Iran below:

South Korea
977 confirmed cases
10 deaths

61 confirmed cases
15 deaths

The spread of the disease is also threatening Italy.

Click the link below to watch the video of Iran’s Deputy health minister:×720/ysbQirHW4vZvYHhg.mp4?tag=13

Iran deputy health minister
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