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After 3 Months Man Died, Wife Gives Birth To Triplets

  • A man known as Abubakar Yau, but popularly called ‘Habu Driver’ died nothing less than three months ago
  • The widow of the late Habu Driver gave birth to a set of triplets on Monday evening of November 11

She gave birth in a hospital at Azare, Bauchi state as informed by Rariya.

According to Rariya, the deceased died three months ago in a ghastly accident while travelling to Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state.

No fewer than 21 persons died in the accident that claimed Habu Driver’s life, Rariya confirmed.

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The triplets are the first for the widow of Habu Driver, as she had never given birth before the demise of her late husband.

It was a mixed joy for the family.

Rariya further informed that the birth of the triplets marked over 95 days after Habu Driver’s death.

The newly born kids (triplets)

The photo below is that of the late Habu Driver

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