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7 Habits You Should Stop & 7 Things You Should Start Doing, Says Expert

  • Taking care of your personal health and wellbeing is indeed a big deal
  • Some habits and lifestyles contribute more harm and dangers to you

Knowing what is best for you and your health cannot be overemphasised.

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According to a health expert with the Twitter name, Aproko Doctor (@aproko_doctor), the seven bad and seven good things respectively he advised people on are:

  • Replace icecream with plain yoghurt
  • Replace alcohol with water
  • Replace soda with fruit juices
  • Replace complaining with thanksgiving
  • Replace wasting time with exercising
  • Replace junk food with balanced diets
  • Replace binging on movies with sleep

Your health is really in your hands!

Aproko Doctor

Will you heed to these pieces of advice?

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