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6 Reasons Why Man Is Most Dangerous Creature On Earth

The uniqueness of “man” as a creature created by God cannot be overemphasised based on a number of reasons no other creatures have got.

Man or human being has got so many qualities and characteristics that make him stand out in the animal kingdom (according to science) as a Homo sapiens which thinks of how to make the world better everyday via Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) or Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) and a host of other fields of human endeavour.

Reasons Why Man Is Most Dangerous Creature On Earth

Check the 6 listed reasons why man is the most dangerous living being on earth:

  1. Amazing thinking power;
  2. Adaptation to different and varying environments and climatic conditions;
  3. Positive and negative use of Technology;
  4. Adventurous, that is he is ready to explore and go to places that no other creature will ever venture going;
  5. Unending passion for money, power & respect and over-zealousness to get these three things at all cost;
  6. Independent-minded, that is he can decide to do whatever he wants to do whenever.

Do you agree to these six reasons or you think more reasons should be added or some reasons removed?

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