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3 Reasons Nigeria Is Lagging Behind In Terms Of Development

  • Nigeria will become the third most populous nation in the world by 2040, according to a World Report on population
  • The country has been faced with various challenges even before attaining nationhood status in 1960
  • President Muhammadu Buhari, the current number one citizen of the most populous black nation on earth has promised to move the country to the next level in the next four years

Nigeria, as a country is blessed with both human and natural resources, however, the bane to reaching its potential has been a subject of discourse for over half a century. The question then is, what is really wrong with Nigeria?

The answers to the above question lie in three reasons (corruption, bad leadership and injustice). These are basically why the country is lagging behind in terms of all forms of development.

President Muhammadu Buhari assures Nigerians of better days to come on June 12, 2019

Nigeria is called the giant of Africa, but this name has not really reflected on the lives of the common men on the streets.


The level of avarice by a large number of Nigerians is shocking and amazing. Every Nigerian wants to outsmart the other, who he believes is gullible.

Currently, the level of corruption in both the private and public sectors is alarming.

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Some organisations employ majorly beautiful, fair-skinned complexion single ladies at the expense of those who are more competent, but not very attractive, especially for marketing positions. The reason for this is that these pretty ones will bring in more clients and customers, which therefore means more sales, thereby raking in more money for the organisation in question.

Bad leadership

When will Nigeria get it right in terms of electing, selecting and appointing the right man for the job? It has often been putting a square peg in a round hole.

For instance, on the political turf, you can not be an active player if you do not have a godfather, who will support you in order for you to emerge as a candidate before contesting an election, even if you have a well-mapped out plan to better the lives of the people. This is why we have a good number of elected political office holders performing woefully due to their poor leadership skills and qualities.


The level of injustice in Nigeria might be second to none on a global scale. There is tribal, ethnic, religious injustices. In addition, the so-called judiciary, which is called the last hope of the common man, is likewise responsible for injustice when it comes to delivering judgement. This is why you see in some cases, a convicted criminal is let off the hook after paying off the judges as well as the lawyers who love defending state-enemies.

The onus lies on every Nigerian to think inward and make sacrifices in order to rid off these three monsters called corruption, bad leadership and injustice from Nigeria.

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