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10 Types Of People You Should Distance Yourself From Everyday

  • Friendship and relationship are vital to the existence of what happens between others and us
  • No man can live in solitude or in isolation as man is known as a social being

One thing which is highly important to the life of an individual for a healthy social well being is the type of people he or she associate with daily.

Some sets of people are known as negative influencers or relationship pollutants and someone should be wary of them.

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According to Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar), he listed the 10 types of people:

Distance yourself from people who:

1 speak poorly about others
2 have problems for every solution
3 enjoy complaining
4 always feel entitled
5 blame others for losing
6 take more than give
7 make you feel bad about yourself
8 cheat or lie
9 bully or troll
10 nitpick as a hobby

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