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10 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

  • Canada is one of the most industrialised and peaceful countries in the world
  • The North American country do welcome immigrants and people seeking greener pastures from other parts of the world especially Asia and Africa

Before ever thinking of travelling to Canada, and making it big, first ensure you will travel there legally and try to know the jobs that are the top paying ones.

For instance, medical professionals are top on the list of well paid employees in Canada.

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Top 10 professionals with the “Highest Pay” in Canada:

A good number of Africans work as professionals in Canada
  • Financial Analysts: $58,000
  • Hyrdopower Experts: $60,000
  • Logistics: $64,000
  • Engineers: $65,000
  • Info Security Analysts: $66,000
  • Registered Nurses: $66,000
  • Miners/Oil & Gas Drillers: $69,000
  • Lawyers: $76,000
  • Dentists: $104,000
  • Physicians/Doctors: $116,000


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