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10 Countries With The Highest Number Of Active Twitter Users In The World

  • Over two billion of the world’s global population are on one social media platform or the other
  • Twitter ranks among one of the most used social media platform with millions of daily active users

In an information relayed by StatiSense, United States has the highest number of active Twitter users at 48.65million.

Russia is the last on the list with 6.63million active Twitter users as of July, 2019.

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Active Twitter User – Top 10 Countries
(July 2019)

1 United States: 48.65m

2 Japan: 36.7m

3 United Kingdom: 14.1m

4 Saudi Arabia: 9.9m

5 Turkey: 8.6m

6 Brazil: 8.28m

7 India: 7.75m

8 Mexico: 7.02m

9 Spain: 6.71m

10 Russia: 6.63m


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