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Muslims, Hijab And The Challenges Of The Nigerian Society

Muslims belong to the religious group synonymous with the Hijab.Muslims are people who are adherents of the religion of Islam. Islam is the religion practised by all Prophets of Allah, right from the Adam (First Prophet) to the last one, who is Muhammad. May the peace and mercy of Allah be upon their souls.

Hijab is the covering worn by Muslim women. The Hijab could be of small size, medium or long type. It is not a new thing to see Muslim women adorn themselves in all sizes and colours of Hijab in Nigeria. The Hijab is part and parcel of the Muslim females.

Nigeria is a country where fundamental human rights are respected. It is right to say the country is multi-religious and multi-cultural.

On the aspect of religion, every Nigerian is not prohibited from practising whatever faith or ideology he or she believes. However, no one must infringe on the rights of others when practising his belief.

Currently, the issue of the female Muslim law graduate from University of Ilorin in Kwara state, who refused removing her Hijab during her call to bar, has generated so much heated argument in the country. While some Nigerians have been speaking out of ignorance about Hijab, others are soft-peddling on the issue.

A Muslim woman in Hijab
A Muslim woman in Hijab

What is really allowed in a society, where Islamic jurisprudence is not the main source of the law. The matter is simple! In answering this, the United Kingdom is a perfect example.

In England, Muslim ladies in the police force, medical profession are allowed to wear their Hijab. Suffice to say that, some police officers have thick, long beards also in England.

A large number of people are just being far from the truth, when they reacted wrongly to the Muslim law student’s issue. The law profession will not be debased if her Hijab is right on her head, during the call to bar.

We need to respect ourselves, especially on the issue of tribe and religion. The Nigerian Law School should not subject itself to the whims and caprices of the less informed public. This is because to every rule, there is always an exception. And this they should put at the back of their mind.

Article written by Oladele Hakeem Olaniyan, who lives in Ikeja, Lagos. Follow me on Twitter: @olahakeemola

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