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Muslim Group Lambasts Fani-Kayode Over Hijab Controversy

A Muslim group, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has tongue-lashed one time aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, over his comments on the law graduate, Amasa Firdaus who wore Hijab during the Nigeria Law School ‘call to bar.’

Fani-kayode had stated that Firdaus was only being childish and disingenuous as the country is a secular nation and she could not maintain on wearing a religious garb during a secular event.

But responding, MURIC stated that the former aviation minister had lost his legal mind, describing him as being Muslimphobic and a bigoted anti-Islam campaigner who is trying to begin a war by taking sides.

MURIC in a statement on Monday, December 18, by Professor Ishaq Akintola made it known that the country is a multi-religious state, faulting the former aviation minister’s claim that Nigeria is a secular state. Daily Post gathered.

The university don likewise cautioned Nigerians to be aware of ‘confusionists’ like Fani-Kayode, who he made known was trying to create hatred as well as misleading the people.

“This is absolute bunkum. Does that mean Nigeria does not want to see Muslims? Or that Nigeria does not recognize Muslims as citizens who should enjoy fundamental human rights?

“Does that mean Muslims should remove all religious adornments and identifications whenever they attend public programmes? Haven’t we seen bishops and pastors wearing religious robes while attending public and non-religious functions in this country? Has anyone ever demanded that they should remove their Christian garbs?

“Will Fani Kayode one day seek public office and expect Muslims to vote for him? We are waiting for the day. While patriotic Nigerians are trying hard to sink their religious differences in order to promote unity in our diversity, people like Fani Kayode are fanning the embers of war through the promotion of primordial sentiment.

“When many liberal and level-headed Christians are joining other freedom loving Nigerians to condemn the law school on this extreme and irrational behavior, Fani Kayode could only visualize himself in a crusader’s armour charging furiously with his spear raised to deal a murderous blow on a vulnerable citizen, a defenceless lady for that matter.

“Where is Fani Kayode’s self-acclaimed heroism? Where is his manliness? So Fani Kayode feels great pleasure in the persecution of a Muslim lady; where is his legal mind? It is our contention that Fani Kayode has lost his legal mind. He is not thinking as a lawyer, but as an unrepentant Muslim hater and a bigoted anti-Muslim crusader”, Akintola stated.

In addition, MURIC advised Nigerians to do away from religion discrimination and accept individual religion to maintain peace in the nation.

“As we round up, we call on Nigerians to eschew religious discrimination and to see themselves as people of identical destiny regardless of religious background.

“We appeal to Fani Kayode to stop stirring the hornet’s nest, to love his fellow Nigerian regardless of religious or ethnic background and to learn the basic principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. We warn Nigerians to be wary of people like Fani Kayode who are misleading Nigerians with their erroneous claim that Nigeria is a secular state.

“Nay, Nigeria is a multi-religious state and confusionists cum demagogues should allow this to sink into their medullae oblongata.”

Professor Ishaq Akintola
Professor Ishaq Akintola


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